Our Extraordinary Trip


The Mongol Rally was founded in 2004 by a group called 'The Adventurists’. They specialise in organising events that defy reason and logic and would only be attempted by those lacking these characteristics.

Teams who enter the Mongol Rally must buy an old banger (preferably below 1.3L) and drive it 10,000 miles from the UK to Mongolia. There is no prescribed route - each team just has to make it to Ulaanbaatar (the capital of Mongolia) by the time the finish line closes.

But this is no ordinary road trip. Indeed, somewhere around Turkmenistan the roads should run out altogether. There are 3 deserts and 5 mountain ranges to cross. Taking small 1.3 litre cars across this type of terrain undoubtedly leads to them breaking down, some irreparably. Others will be involved in road traffic accidents or collisions with livestock (apparently this is more common than you would think in Eastern Europe). Not to mention the various law enforcement agencies and border guards that we will encounter along the way.

Teams usually camp almost every night of the 6 weeks, apart from the occasion luxury of staying in a cheap horrible hostel. All in all, it sounds like a riot!

We are doing this crazy crazy trip to raise money for two very important charities. This is not a trip for the feint hearted (indeed, it is probably not even a trip for the stout hearted!). Driving a wholly unsuitable car for 10,000 miles, across any terrain and in any weather, with no safety net. One thing is for certain though, there will be stories, there will be comedy, and there will be unadulterated adventure!