Our Extraordinary Car

Daihatsu Terios

Finally, we have chosen a vehicle that will bear us 10,000 miles across the world to Mongolia. Drum role please…
It's a Daihatsu Terios.

We bought this mighty motor at a car auction in Newcastle, none of us every having bought a car before, let alone at a seedy auction. Having driven it around the car park several times, we concluded that it was the best car we could buy for £1300 - not bad for something that looks almost slightly like a 4x4!

But, it does have some redeeming features...

First, it is grey, which will help us blend in with cities all through our trip.

Second, it is has very good ground clearance, which will be vital for driving on village roads and over boulders (and will also keep Bobby happy).

Third, it has a good sump-guard. None of us knew what this was, but Bobby was insistent that we had to have one. Thankfully the Terios does. Basically, the sump-guard is a massive sheet of metal that goes underneath the engine to stop it being ripped off if you drive over a rock. Pretty important really.

Fourth, it has good tires (Bridgestones, which apparently are very good or something) and even a spare tire mounted on the back, which means it can almost be passed off as a Land Rover (if you look from certain angles).

Overall, we think it will be more than capable of bearing us to Mongolia without incident or injury.

Now we just have to learn how to change a tyre…